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Custom Gutters (Aluminum Rainware by Custom-Bilt Metals)

Custom-Bilt Metals offers rainware products in coil form in a wide variety of colors ideally suited for the rainware industry. The high quality polyester coating system is 20th anniversaryformulated to ensure the highest degree of adhesion, fabrication, corrosion resistance, and withstand the extreme roll forming requirements of elbows, downspouts and gutters without cracking or galling during manufacture. The coatings have been formulated to resist "tiger striping", the most objectionable failure associated with rainware products.

The ability to clean objectionable dirt and sediment from the surface of Custom-Bilt's rainware with normal household cleaners is a tremendous benefit to the consumer. High performance, excellent adhesion, color retention, and chalking and fading resistance are distinctive of Custom-Bilt Metals' products.


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