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GutterShell ( Double Drop Cover Systems with Lifetime Clog-Free Warranty )20th anniversary

How does it work?

GutterShell™, an industry leader in gutter protection systems, relies on the theory of water tension and the adhesive quality of water. Simply put, water molecules are attracted to a surface and will follow the shape of that surface even to a great degree in defiance of the forces of gravity. This means that water will follow the "S" design of GutterShell™, but debris cannot and will not.

Following these principles of physics, rain water clings to and follows the surface of GutterShell™ where most of the water is captured into the gutter by the first nose. The second nose captures any excess water that would be otherwise overshoot it, had the second nose not been there.

With GutterShell™, only water is allowed in through the pre-adjusted openings. All debris will be blown away or washed off avoiding the clogging of your gutters. Most leaves, in fact, get caught in a gutter during high winds rather than being washed into by rain water.

Since there are no vertical openings on the GutterShell™ Systems, the leaves and debris blow straight off. GutterShell™ avoids the nesting of small animals in your gutters. The opening cells are big enough for water to flow in, but small enough to keep birds and squirrels away from your gutters. Unlike vinyl systems, animals cannot chew their way into your gutters.

The two nose system releases hot air, which helps faster snow and ice meltage. Sturdy, high-quality aluminum construction assures that over the years, GutterShell™ will look as good as it does on the first day of installation.

GutterShell™ can be installed on any type of roof whether new or existing; K-types or half-round gutters types make no difference.


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